SpriteSpot Video Tech Tips

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

SpriteSpot.com's "Video Tech Tips" are just that--short (5-10 minute) videos of various "how-to" items to help you maintain your Spridget..

Our first set of videos are courtesy of John Twist at University Motors. John has produced a number of great videos over the years, and he's graciously allowed us access to them at SpriteSpot.com.

We'd like to continue to expand this reference section, so as we receive contributions from our members, we'll add them to our video "library" for the benefit of all Sprite & Midget enthusiasts.

These videos use the "flowplayer" viewer, and you should be able to see them simply by clicking on the play button. The playing time of each video is listed below next to each title. Please let me know if you have any troubles!

SpriteSpot.com Video Tech Tips



These tips focus specifically on engine issues and diagnosis.

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Troubleshooting Lucas electrics.

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Carburetters and Fuel system

Unlocking the mysteries of SU carburetters.

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Category 4

Category 4 description

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Odds 'n Ends (and some great tips!)

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Non-Sprite Related

Everything under the sun.

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