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My wife thought of this section, as whenever she gets to Christmas or my birthday she never knows what to get for me, so I started keeping a list. She said maybe other Sprite and Midget wives might find such a suggestion list helpful, so here it is!

Note that we will only recommend items of the highest quality, and we are confident they will be sure to please even the most discriminating SpriteSpot enthusiast! If you're looking for a great gift for the Spridget fan in your life and want to be sure it's something they'd really like, you can't go wrong with any of our recommended choices.

Remember as well that any of our recommended Books & Manuals, as well as our SpriteSpot Products also make great gifts!

If you have any suggestions for books or gifts other items you'd like to see added to our list, please visit our forums, or drop me an email at dan@spritespot.com. Thanks!

Air Compressors and Air Tools

Every garage needs a good air compressor. As with most items, quality is important. Porter-Cable is a top name in tools, and their compressors are top tier. For most hobby uses, their small twin-tank compressor (the first compressor listed) is perfect. Not only does it have the power to tackle most jobs, but they're portable and quick to start up. For permanent installations seeing heavy, daily use (i.e. in that "dream garage") you might consider one of the larger 110V or 220V units. Just remember these take a while for that big compressor to get warmed up, and consequently I find myself using my twin-tank Porter-Cable for almost everything in my garage. The small "pancake" compressor on the right is a nice choice when portability is the most important desired characteristic.


Cleaning, Polishing & Waxing

Car guys love to clean and detail their cars. Yes, it doesn't make any sense as they get dirty again as soon as they're driven, and then we have to clean them all over again--but that's not really the point is it? We love our tools, and our cars and we want nothing but the best. Here's our picks for the best cleaning, polishing and waxing tools and products.

The Porter-Cable random orbit polisher is simply the best product out there. It's very sturdy in construction, and is made especially for protecting automotive finishes. You'll want to get the "hook and loop" (otherwise known as Velcro) pad and attachments. They really speed up changing pads, and make polishing a joy.



If you work around cars enough, eventually you need a welder. Heck, every guy needs (and deserves) a welder anyway. For home use, a 110V MIG welder gives the most versatility, as it remains portable, and can weld most anything the automotive hobbyist can think of. Miller is the best brand with the best quality and is of course recommendation. You don't want to skimp on quality here. This is the welder I personally use around my shop, and I can vouch for it's quality.

The Miller unit pictured comes with almost everything you need. The one critical item is the gas bottle, so be sure to order one with your welder. If you don't have them, you'll certainly need a welding mask and gloves, and nozzle dip helps keep your welder clean and operating efficiently.

Optional accessories include a welding cart (a nice way to keep everything together), mig pliers and a welding book (for the novice welder) all help to round out the package.


DeWalt 18V Cordless Tools

The DeWalt 18 Volt system represents some of the very best cordless tools made. While not the only quality manufacturer, DeWalt is clearly the professional's choice. That's why we prefer (and recommend) DeWalt 18V tools. Yes, they're not inexpensive tools, but they are the very best.

Remember though that it's best to stick to a single manufacturer and one voltage when buying cordless tools (so that the batteries and chargers will all work together). So please check with your sports car fanatic first--if he's using another brand (e.g Makita or Bosch) for cordless tools, then it'd be best to stick to that brand and voltage.


Member Recommendations


Hoover Garage Utility Vacuum

A great idea--I remember my father had one of these. Thanks "LittleRedMG"!


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