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SpriteSpot.com serves as a complete online information source (including an extensive online forum system) for the Austin-Healey Sprite & MG Midget enthusiast.

Simply put, whether you have a '58 Bugeye or a 1974 MG Midget, when you think of Spridgets, this is "The Spot"!

SpriteSpot Announcements:

LUCKY JOHN is here! The new book from John Sprinzel!

Great news from John is that his autobiography "Lucky John" is now ready, and John is accepting orders. The bad news is that it's now SOLD OUT (sorry).

There may be a VERY FEW left--if you're interested, please contact Tom Coulthardt at tomcoulthardt21@btinternet.comp>


If you're still thinking about it let me say that John was nice enough to forward me a "sneak peek" copy via pdf, and this is one you don't want to miss. Literally every single page has at least one photograph, and the images capture that period in time we Spridget fans love so well. Really--this is a "do not miss" book for any British Car Fan. (And Christmas is indeed right around the corner!)

More information on John, his "Sprinzel Sprites" and his book can be found on our "John Sprinzel" page on SpriteSpot.

Spritely Years - SOLD OUT
by John Sprinzel

We're both happy and sad to announce that autographed copies of "Spritely Years" are now sold out and no longer available. John's extended his thanks to everyone who's purchased a copy, and he appreciates the ongoing support of Spridget enthusiasts throughout the world.

There **may** be a few copies still available directly from Tom Coulthard. Please drop him an email if you're interested--but don't wait too long--once these are gone....

More information on John, his "Sprinzel Sprites" and his book can be found on our "John Sprinzel" page on SpriteSpot.


In order to help the easy identification of bogus (spam) users, please try and adhere to the following rules when registering:

  1. Pick a username that "makes sense"...either a name (JohnSmith) or a handle (SpriteJohn59) that would "fit" the spirit of our community. Another suggestion would be to have your SpriteSpot username be the same as your email name (i.e. "PaulSmith@gmail.com" for your email, and "PaulSmith" for your SpriteSpot ID). Quite a few of our members have registered this way, and it makes it easy to identify "real" members this way.
  2. Make sure you register with a "real" email address (i.e. yahoo, gmail, hotmail, comcast, etc.) Please avoid 3rd party services (like mailinator, or the like). If you have your own website and URL (i.e. dan@spritespot.com) then PLEASE be sure that the website is up and running--if it's not, it's a "red flag" that it's a spam site.
  3. Finally (and MOST IMPORTANTLY) please post on the forums--even if it's just a "Hi--I'm John, and I've got a 1960 Bugeye" or "I'm Paul and I'm interested in maybe buying a Midget" or "Hi, I'm George and I'm just curious as to what this site is about" or even "I'm Ringo and I play the drums." -- Pretty much ANYTHING so that I can see that you're posting and it's a "real person".

Thanks--I'm hoping that a few simple guidelines like this will help minimize the amount of spam and spam users on the site. While it's likely it'll be an ongoing problem, I'm hopeful we'll be able to keep them to a minimum using these techniques.

As always, thanks for your patience, and for your continued support of SpriteSpot.com!
And please remember to tell your friends about us!

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