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What is the "Reference Desk"?

SpriteSpot.com's Reference Desk serves as a download area for different tech manuals, "how-to" and other reference files--just like the reference desk at your local library.

It is intended that over the months and years, this section will grow as we receive contributions from our members, and that we'll end up with a "library" of materials to help Spridget enthusiasts.

Most of these files are in .pdf format. You can click on the links (to view the file directly) or "right-click" on the link and choose "Save Target As..." if you'd like to save a copy of the file to your desktop for later review.

SpriteSpot.com Reference Desk


Workshop Manual

These chapters are available as individual .pdf files primarily because the size of the files precludes downloading the entire manual as a single volume. Please be aware of this if you have limitations in your bandwidth, or are using a dial-up connection.

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BMC Special Tuning Manuals

These are individual manuals that still contain valuable reference material and are made available as individual .pdf files. Again, please be aware of your bandwidth requirements, especially if you are using a dial-up connection.

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Positive to Negative Ground Conversion

This is a .pdf file describing step-by-step instructions for converting your Spridget from positive to negative ground.

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Production Numbers

This is a link to a table of Austin-Healey Sprite & MG Midget production, by year, and by model.

(Note--this file is currently being updated an will be available shortly.)

Note: please contact me at admin@spritespot.com if you have any corrections or additions to this table.

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Sprite Paint Color Codes - Ditzler Cross Reference

This is a table of BMC color descriptions for Austin-Healey and Austin-Healey Sprite, broken down by year, and cross referenced to Ditzler codes. Most automotive paint suppliers can match to these Ditzler codes.

Note: please contact me at admin@spritespot.com if you have any corrections or additions to this table.

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Adding Photos to "SpriteSpot Photos" Tutorial

This is a .pdf file that provides a tutorial to instruct SpriteSpot members how to upload there pictuers to "SpriteSpot Photos" (as their own on-line photo "albums") and then how to use these photos in forum posts. Please see the tutorial for more information:

Please remember that you'll need a separate username and password to use the Sprite Spot Photos site. You can now self-register, so go to the SpriteSpot Photos page, and click the link on the top left to register. If you have any troubles, please email me, and we'll get you started!

Remember--when you register you'll get a confirmation email, and often this will end up in a bulk or spam folder--so please be sure to check these locations (and consider adding SpriteSpot.com to your list of "acceptable" or "know" senders!)

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