FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What's a FAQ?

The SpriteSpot FAQ (or "Frequently Asked Questions") will serve to answer SpriteSpot related questions (how to navigate around the site, how to use the forums, etc.) as well as Spridget-related questions (what's the correct grade of oil to use, etc.)

The FAQ will grow as users send questions in, and as people use the forums. The intent is to distill the most important and common questions in one place for easy reference, so please contact us and send us questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the SpriteSpot website, the FAQ, or simply things you'd like to know.

Site Navigation - How To

SpriteSpot is organized with multiple navigation menus.

The main menu on the left (in a silver/gray color) moves to the main sections of the webiste (Forums, Recommended Reading, etc.). Beneath the main menu is a series of links to other sites, organizaed in two categories, "Spridget-Related" and "Auto-Related".

The upper menubar serves a "reference" function--it links to pages that offer basic information about Spridgets, as well as offers a "Google" search box.

What are "SpriteSpot Forums" and how do I use them?

The Forums serve as an electronic "bulletin board" system. SpriteSpot members can ask ("post") questions to other users, and receive answers. This becomes an invaluable resource to find out information about your Spridget from others who have likely experienced the same problems you have, and likely have developed a workable solution.

Questions and answers in the Forums are also archived, and can be searched. As more and more users post questions, an electronic library is developed. Over time, virtually every Spridget related issue will be documented in the archives, along with solutions.

The Forums have a separate FAQ on their use. Please use the Main Menu to navigate to the forums and read the FAQ there.

What are "SpriteSpot Photos" and how do I use them?

SpriteSpot photos allow SpriteSpot members to upload their own photos to the SpriteSpot.com website. This allows you to share your photos with others on the internet, even if you don't own your own domain name or servers. This also allows you to include your photos when posting to the SpriteSpot forums (remember, a picture can be worth a thousand words!)

You'll need a username and password if you want to add your own photos (note that you can view photos in SpriteSpot Photos without the need for a username and/or password) Please contact me directly by posting in the forums, private messaging me in the forums, or emailing me to obtain your password. Once you have your user name and password, click on the "SpriteSpot Photos" link in the main menu (on the top left of any SpriteSpot page), and you'll be taken to SpriteSpot Photos.

To Create an Album and Add Photos:

  1. Click the "login" link, and type in your user name and password, and click the "login" button.
  2. Click the "new album" link (your album will be created, and the screen will say "Hey! Add some photos."
  3. Click the arrow next to the <admin options> to activate the pull-down menu, and select "add photos".
  4. You'll be presented with a pop-up window, with many options for adding photos. These include: "Applet", "Applet (big)", "Form", "URL", and "Others". You may use any of these, but the "Form" is probably the easiest. Click on this link.
  5. You'll be presented with a screen with five sets of boxes, labeled "File" and "Caption". Next to the "File" form is a button labeled "Browse". Click on the "Browse" button.
  6. Navigate to the location of the photo on your computer, and then click the "Open" button. Your photo's location will now be loaded into the "File" box on the form.
  7. Enter a caption for the photo if you choose (you can change this later, so it's not necessary now.)
  8. Click "Upload Now" when you've finished, and your photos will be moved to your photo album on SpriteSpot.com
  9. You can upload as many (or as few) photos as you like, by repeating the process.
  10. Once your album is uploaded, click on the "SpriteSpot.com Photo Gallery" link to move to the main page.
  11. Here you can click on "edit title" to change the title of your album (short titles are best!). Also, click on "edit description" to add a sentence or two describing the content of your album.
  12. That's it! There are many other options available that you can explore, but for now this will get you started!

To have one of your photos appear in a SpriteSpot forum message:

  1. Go to SpriteSpot.com Photos and navigate to the photo you wish to have in your forum message.
  2. When you're viewing the desired photo, right-click and select "properties" to see the full URL of the photo.
  3. Drag with your mouse to highlight the entire Address (URL) and then right-click and select "Copy".
  4. Go to the SpriteSpot forums and compose your message as you would normally. When you get to the spot where you want your photo to appear, click the "Img" button. You'll see the code "[IMG]" inserted into your message.
  5. Now paste in the URL you copied earlier (your can right-click and select paste, or go up to the "Edit" menu to select paste. The URL should now appear in your message.
  6. Click the [IMG] button again (it'll actually say "[*IMG] now (with an asterisk) to indicate the closing tag will be entered, or you can type control-p, or simply type in the code "[/img]. Your message should now have something in it that looks like this:

  7. You can click the "Preview" button to see your post. If everything went well, you'll see your photo in your forum posting.
  8. Click "Submit" to finalize your post and send it to the SpriteSpot.com forums
  9. Feel free to use the "Test Forum" to try this out (that's what it's for). If you have any problems, please email for help, or ask a question in the test forum.

Will there be a SpriteSpot mailing list?

Yes, we're currently developing a mailing list as a part of SpriteSpot. Periodically, we'd like to announce contests, special offers, etc. to our membership. The mailing list will be "opt-in" only (you'll never be sent emails unless you specifically ask to receive them). Also, at any time you'll be able to "opt-out" and discontinue receiving emails.

Of course, your privacy is assured. We hate spam as much as you do, and SpriteSpot.com will not share your registration information and/or email addresses with any third parties. This is our SpriteSpot community, and we will not compromise our integrity for any reason.

Do you have any downloads ?

Yes. We're currently developing our first set of downloads. Then as we move forward we'll be periodically adding additional downloads for our membership. These could range from a "how-to" article, to artwork, to audio files, to...well...just about anything. We'll also announce any new downloads in the forums.

Also, if you have any downloads you'd like to contribute, please bear in mind they must be owned by yourself, or public domain. We will not allow the distribution or exchange of copyrighted material (unless of course you own the copyright and consent to distribution of your material). Having said that, if you do wish to contribute, please contact us at info@spritespot.com.

Will there be Technical ("How-to") Articles?

Yes. We're currently writing a series of HTML coded technical "how-to" tutorials. They differ from the downloads primarily in formatting (HTML vs. PDF or eBook formats).

These technical articles will eventually be reformatted and made available via the downloads section as well. We'd like to hear from our membership to find out the best way to deliver infomation, so please let us know.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, or feel an issue should be added to the FAQ, please contact us at: info@spritespot.com.

Thanks for visiting "the spot", and please stay tuned!
We've got a lot of great things coming just down the road!

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