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Listed below is a collection of our favorite Spridget-related websites.

These have been contributed by SpriteSpot members. (If you'd like, please feel free to email us at info@spritespot.com with your favorites!) Each site is categorized, and has a general description of the content of the website.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed!

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Clubs & Organizations

These links are to some of the various national and local Spridget clubs and organizations. Many have excellent newsletters and other membership benefits, usually available for a nominal fee.

Austin-Healey Club of America (AHCA)

This is the club I started with, many long years ago. They have a large membership (probably the largest club out there?), with many local chapters. The AHCA has an annual meeting and car show (called "Conclave") that is held in various parts of the country each year. A good organization and a great group of people.

Austin-Healey Club USA

Another long-standing organization, the Austin-Healey Club USA has a large membership base, an award winning magazine (the "Austin-Healey Magazine"), and a wonderful, informative website. Very professional, and a wealth of photos, tips, information, etc. A site well worth spending a few minutes (or hours) exploring.

Parts & Suppliers

As our cars age, it can become increasingly difficult to find parts and services. The sites listed here have made a committment to help support us, our cars, and our hobby.

AH Spares

According to their website, they're the oldest and largest company dedicated solely to the Austin-Healey Marque. Certainly worth a visit!

APT (Advanced Performance Technology)

Want the latest in "go-fast" goodies for your Spridget? This is the place to go. The guys at APT have the parts, and more importantly have the experience to help you be sure everything works together. They're always available for help and technical support as well (just don't be surprised

Their website can be a bit tricky to navigate and find what you need, so you may want to get on their mailing list to receive their printed catalog and fliers. Better yet, just give them a call and tell them what you need--just don't be surprised by the British accent on the other end of the line!

The Autoist

MG specialists, including Spridgets.

Frogeye Spares

Suppliers of Sprite parts (located in England). Their motto is "Anything and Everything for the Frogeye", although they certainly provide products and services for other Sprites and Midgets as well.

Just Brits

Just Brits supplies parts, service & restoration for older British cars

K & N Filters

I've been a user (and believer) in K & N air filters for some time. Not only do they "flow" more air (even if they're dirty) but they're a "lifetime" air filter. You simply have rinse the filter clean and re-oil it. (K & N sells both a cleaner and oil designed specifically for their filters). Neat stuff.

Mini Mania

Don't let the name fool you--these guys are "A-Series" experts (including Sprites and Midgets as well as Minis). They have a very comprehensive site.

Moss Motors

Perhaps the best known name in the British Car hobby, Moss has been around forever. They support virtually all of the common British cars imported into the States (and some obscure ones as well). The have a very wide range of parts available, as well as some neat accessories for the shop & home. Their free catalogs are excellent as well, many being effectively equivalent to a factory "parts" manual.

Motor City ReMan

Motor City Reman is a supplier of New and Remanufactured High Performance Starters and High Amp/High Output Alternators with over 25 years of experience with all types of units ranging from Agriculture, Marine, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicles, Lawn and Garden, and Automotive (Foreign and Domestic).

Very helpful folks (especially with custom installations).

Rivergate Restoration Products

Rivergate is the maker of probably the most widely used transmission conversion kit for our Spridgets. Their product allows the fitting of a Datusn 210 transmission into your Spridget, with virtually no modifications necessary to the car (allowing you to return to a "stock" configuration at some point in the future). If you'd like more information on this kit, please check out their website (and feel free to post questions to the "Conversions" forum in the Transmissions section of the SpriteSpot.com forums)

Seven Enterprises

Another site primarily devoted to Minis, but these guys are also A-series experts. They have an extensive machine shop, and are true professionals when it comes to engine work on the A-series. As many of us know, it can be tough to find a local machine shop with the tools and expertise to work on our engines--Seven Enterprises provides a wonderful alternative.

SpriteSpot Members' Pages

Many of our SpriteSpot family members have their own websites, many offering glimpses of their "pride & joys". Please take a look--there's some really great sites listed here!


Beautiful MK II Sprite (ole Gray) and a Bugeye (Kermit) as well highlight this site. Wonderful photos.

Sprite63's '63 Sprite

MSN Group with a Swift Turbo section (interesting!) in addition to the Sprite info. Nice Sprite photos, including a photo of an ad for Speedwell exterior door handles, and a Walker front end. There's a page describing how to read the "hidden code" in BMC's nuts & bolts part numbers, hardtop details (including the original wing nuts), and some photos of those very rare MG hubcaps. Great photos!

Tervor's Britcars.org

Trevor has a web portal for "everything on the web found to be interest in the world of classic British cars". His site is looking to provide links to other sites on the web with British Car content.

Jag Powered's '61 Sprite with a Jag Engine

Here's a very unique and interesting engine swap--and XK engine in a Spridget!. Lots of photos, and some very beautiful (and creative) fabrication work. If you're thinking of an engine swap, you should visit this page!

Matt's MKIV Sprite Restoration Website

Lots of work going on with this Sprite. Will be fun to check back as Matt progresses with his restoration. Take a look at the Matt's creative solution to get at the underbody.

Mobiasstrip's Austin Healey Frogeye Pages

Wonderful photos (and a Frogeye hillclimb video!) highlight this site. Besides an affinity for Sprites, there's an obvious fondness for MGA coupes here! Many high-quality photos for Frogeye fans. If you search long enough, you may even catch a glimpse of "Robbie"!

Paul H's Sprite

Some very nice photos of Paul's Sprite, along with some other interesting cars & photos.

Herbytoy's "Project Street Racer" and other Sprites

A 1964 Sprite MK II ("Project Street Racer"), 1963 Sprite with an Olds V8 ("Project V8 Sprite"), and another MK II Sprite ("Project RestoMod" - a 1962 this time) are documented here, with plenty of photos!

Rob David's Austin Healey Sprite Page

Rob has 31 years of Sprite ownership, which are chronicled on his website. Rob also has a number of interesting links, and other resources on his page.

Darryl S' "Team Saylor Racing"

Darryl details the exploits of his 1965 SCCA G Prod Sprite race car. For those of you into performance and racing, this site is worth a visit.

Nanook's (and Tiffany's) 1958 Bugeye Sprite

Lots of photos, as their restoration progresses. Good place to go for investigation of electrolytic rust removal.

ModelGuy2's MG Page

Photos of ModelGuy2's 1979 Midget.

Michael V Farmer's Bugeye Engineering Drawings

Michael sells a very nice (and unique) "reproduction" of BMC's original engineering drawing for the Bugeye (as well as some other versions of the car). Very nice piece of memorabilia.

Spclk1981's 1968 Austin-Healey Sprite

Photos and description of how Kevin acquired his car for free. Some good restoration photos.

Ray McCaleb's MG Midget Page

A nice, growing site, chock full of photos and information. Ray has an extensive collection of original sales brochures, which he's scanned and made available on his site. In addition to documentation for his '73 Midget, there are all kinds of brochures and ads on his site for many of the other model years. A site well worth exploring.

Gerard's Garage

A very nice site, with not only Spridget materials, but other cars as well. Computer junkies should be sure to check out the 3-D artwork on his site.

Other Auto-Related Links (not Spridget Related)

There are many, many auto-related sites on the Internet. We've listed some below that our members have recommended.


Makers of aftermarket performance chips.


My other favorite site, and a "model" for SpriteSpot, this site has virtually everything for the Jaguar enthusiast. This is where I'd like SpriteSpot to be in a few years. Worth a visit, even if just to poke around and get ideas for our site. An invaluable resource if you own a Jaguar.


Interesting site with quite a few "how-to" mods for cars. Everything from how to paint your calipers to how to put in a turbo.

General Interest Links (not Auto Related)

These links are simply fun links out there, that members have submitted. If it's a rainy day, or your car's waiting for parts and you'd like a few interesting places to surf on the Internet, check out some of these sites!

Note: SpriteSpot.com is only providing these links as a service to our members. We are not endorsing these vendors in any way, but merely passing along and sharing information. We are not responsible for any services or products provided at any of these websites. (i.e. Members should consider the sites as "use at your own risk", "Caveat Emptor", sold "as is", etc.)

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