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What is SpriteSpot.com?

SpriteSpot.com serves as a complete online information source for the Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget ("Spridgets"), and Austin Mini enthusiast.

Central to our mission is the hosting of an extensive online forum system for the exchange of information, technical support, tips, and restoration reference materials for Sprite and Midget owners.

Simply put, whether you have a '58 Bugeye or a 1974 MG Midget, when you think of Spridgets, this is "The Spot"!

The History of SpriteSpot.com

SpriteSpot.com was created to afford the owners and lovers of the Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget and Austin Mini automobiles a place to congregate, exchange tips and ideas, research technical details of their cars, and generally have an online "place to hang out". Think of it as an "online garage".

As many car enthusiasts know, there are a number of wonderful resources available on the Internet (see our "Related Links" to the left for some of our favorites). Being a Jaguar XJ6 owner (as well as a Bugeye owner), I became familiar with the Jag-Lover's site. If you've not yet visited it, you owe it to yourself to do so. This is an incredible site. It has a wealth of information, an extensive forum section (which has now become the de-facto "standard" source of information for Jaguars), many FAQs and "how-to" articles, upgrades and modifications, a parts "swap" page, and on and on. Naturally, I decided to look for the equivalent online resource for Sprites, and found it simply didn't exist. While there were many Sprite-related sites, there didn't seem to be anything on the order of the Jag-Lovers site. I had to ask "Why not?" and SpriteSpot was born, going "live" on May 1, 2004.

SpriteSpot is (and hopefully always will be) a "work in progress". Certainly much information is already available on our cars, but much new information is still being developed. Thanks to those who love these cars (including our Vintage Racing friends) development is still ongoing. One only needs to look at the tuning information of David Vizard, or the 5 speed transmission kits from Rivergate and others to realize that these cars continue to receive aggressive engineering and product development. We'd like SpriteSpot to be the place to learn, exchange ideas and techniques, share a laugh or two, and be an online "community" for our LBCs ("Little British Cars").

As we move forward, we at SpriteSpot.com welcome your suggestions. To be successful, SpriteSpot will need to meet the needs of the Spridget enthusiast, and the best way to do that is to listen to your feedback. Over time, we're confident that SpriteSpot.com will become your first stop on the Internet for Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget, and Austin Mini information!

Thanks for visiting "the spot", and please stay tuned!
We've got a lot of great things coming just down the road!

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