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We've often been asked to recommend a shop manual or a restoration book for the Austin-Healey Sprite or MG Midget enthusiast, or even a good book to buy as a gift for the "Spridget owner that has everything". This page will help answer those questions, and when available we'll include links directly to amazon.com so you can order directly from them.

If you have any suggestions for books or gifts other items you'd like to see added to our list, please visit our forums, or drop me an email at dan@spritespot.com. Thanks!

Reference Books & Manuals

If you're a new Sprite or Midget owner, these are the "must have" books that you should consider purchasing to help you manage the world of British Sports Cars:

Haynes Manuals

The defacto "standard" of shop manuals for British (and other) cars. The first (a "must own") is the shop (maintenance) manual, detailing all repairs. The second is the "restoration manual" and is geared more toward restoration and preservation, rather than maintenance:


Brooklands / Bentley Manuals

Reprints of the original factory repair manual. Another "must own". The first is specific to the Mark I Sprite (the "Bugeye" or "Frogeye") and the second is specific to later Sprites & Midgets (although much of the material pertains to all Spridgets):


David Vizard

Vizard's books on the "A-Series" engine are considered the bible for anything from a stock engine to an all-out race motor. A "must have" if you ever consider building your own engine:


Other Manuals

Various other manuals and helpful books to have on the shelf:



Owner's Manuals / Driver's Handbook

Reprints of original owner's manuals are nice to have items. These typically detail "how to operate the car" as well as simple maintenance, specifications, etc. Be sure to check the model and year to match them to your car.



Recreational Reading

Sometimes we all need a good book to read (especially for those times our cars are awaiting parts, or simply warmer weather). The following are some wonderful reads, and make wonderful gifts as well:

The Last Open Road series

This is a wonderful four-book series by Burt Levy. It's 1952, and Buddy Palumbo a street-smart mechanic working at Old Man Finzio's Sinclair gas station, chronicles his own adventures as he's drawn into the world of open-road sport-car racing. Funny high-octane fuel for anyone who loves cars of the 50's and the history of sports car racing's infancy.

Another book by Burt Levy is "A Potside Companion". A wonderful collection of short stories, it's only remotely related to "The Last Open Road" series. Still, it's a wonderful read for the "internal combustion" enthusiast:

Austin-Healey Sprite & MG Midget History

Various books have been written documenting the history of Spridgets. These are often wonderful reading, and make excellent gifts:



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