Lucas PL700 headlights

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Lucas PL700 headlights

Postby redracerray » Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:21 pm

I own a 61 bugeye which came with Cibe halogen lights. In the Moss catalogue (pt#156-898) there was an offering of PL Tripod Headlamps which were said to be made from original toolings but with some minor shortcomings. Having seen this type of lamp in the past I wanted them for my Sprite so I ordered them along with upgraded halogen bulbs. They arrived with one of the non-halogen stock bulbs with white powder on the inside of the glass so that the filament could not be seen, sort of like a puff ball had exploded inside it. Moss replaced this bulb after much uncertainty as to whether they were allowed to do this.

On primary inspection of the units the PL badging appeared to be of poor quality similar to what you would expect to have come out of China 20 years ago. The lenses had debris imbedded in the glass and the rubber dust covers did not provide an adequate seal to the back of the reflectors. The alignment tabs on one of the units non-aligned so that the top bar of the tripod was not straight up and down. I had to turn the ring assembly off it's catch position to straighten up the lamp.

The lenses have "Made in England" imprinted on them but I suspect that these lamps were not made there. It's too much hassle to return them to Moss so they are destined for the "Smith-Rite" and I will be more discriminating next time. Does anyone know where I can obtain quality reproductions of this lamp? If not what are the best lamps out there that i might purchase?
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