1275 Clutch Throw

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1275 Clutch Throw

Postby Joe Schlosser » Tue May 21, 2013 4:19 pm

Maybe it is brain fade or something but I am putting together a street 1275 with a stock ribcase transmission for my bugeye. This is my first stock project in 20 years. The 1275 FP car was sold last spring.
I am using an aluminium flywheel with a stock cluch and pressure plate. (this may have been out of my FP car way back when before I switched to Tilton. With a new TO bearing and what I assume to to the correct lever (straight) there is very little room for the movement of the lever as it is very far back in the slot and the slave culinder is almost full extended, long rod inthe slave cylinder. This is all on the bench.
Any thoughts on what Is not correct here. I think there are only two levers, the smooth case and the ribcase. I always though the TO lever should be about the middle of the hole with a new bearing.
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