50 Years of Spridgets

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50 Years of Spridgets

Postby spritenut » Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:26 pm

Don't miss 50 Years of Spridgets at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
June 26-29, 2008!!
For info... http://www.Sprite-MidgetClub.org
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Re: 50 Years of Spridgets

Postby MGDave » Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:24 pm

Yes, there will be an autocross at the Lake of the Ozarks event.

How Many Ways Can YOU Have Fun In A Spridget???

I enjoy trips in my Spridgets, tours with the car clubs I belong to, and gimmick rallies, as well as working on them, even with the occasional frustration, but one of my favorite activities is autocross. Autocrossing your Spridget will help you appreciate the nimbleness and agility of your car, as well as letting you play with your car’s limits of traction and power.

Because I enjoy autocrossing, I am helping to present the autocross event at the Fifty Years of Spridgets Celebration. Whether you have never heard of autocrossing or whether you have a row of SCCA trophies on your mantel, I would like to invite you and your Spridget to come join us from noon to 4 on Friday, June 27 at the Pa He Tsi parking lot.

In order to defray the expenses incurred, there is a charge of $5 per entry; this represents the best motorsports value you will ever see!

We are planning to setup the course in the morning, so you should be able to walk the course by our noon starting time. The mandatory driver’s meeting will be at 12:15 and we will be starting our runs as soon as the safety meeting is over.

The number of runs we will get will depend on how many people show up and how efficiently we can run people through. Our timing equipment, on loan from the Windy City Miata Club, can handle multiple cars on course, we will have radios for communications, and with your help we should have a great event.

Yes, it takes a lot of warm bodies to put on a good autocross. If you would like to drive the course, we would like you to also be willing to work the course. It isn’t hard, but cones need to be reset and called in to the control tent (as Barney Gaylord has been heard to say, “If you don’t hit any cones, you aren’t trying hard enough!”), cars need to be lined up and started safely, the timing equipment needs someone to operate it and we all want our turn to drive.

Spridgets were not all created equal and many of them have evolved in interesting ways, so we have four classes:
1. Under 1200cc
2. Over 1200cc
3. Prepared (R-compound tires, forced induction, car setup for autocross)
4. Modified (non-Spridget engines, non-street legal, V8, etc)

Safety is always a priority at these events, so please be aware of a few issues.

1. Battery needs to be fastened down
2. Throttle return spring should be good
3. Should have a firm brake pedal, has enough brake fluid
4. All of the lug nuts present and tight
5. Not too much play in the front end
6. Got to have some seat belts
7. Loose stuff needs to be removed from car
8. Helmets are required

There will be a sign-up sheet at the registration table along with the traditional liability waiver and the glorious opportunity to hand over $5 of your hard-earned cash. Come on out and let your Spridget have some fun!
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