Clutch Replacetment Pointers

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Clutch Replacetment Pointers

Postby Deezcustoms » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:55 am

Hello everybody and happy Wednesday!

I've done it before, but its been awhile. I'm getting ready to pull the motor on my 64 Sprite this weekend with a 1098. In the past I've pulled motor and tranz when replacing the transmission, but this time I'm only going in for the clutch. Would you believe, after 5 years of working on it and finally getting it going. . . I may have been a little over excited and wore out what was left of the clutch. . . (Why I didn't replace it when it was out the first time, don't ask).

So, here are my questions. Any pointers? Reminder? I remember getting it out in about an hour and a half last time. I'm going to pull carbs, radiator, and the typical other things. The things I can't find in my manuals are:

Torque specifications for flywheel to crank (I have a new one I'm bolting on)
Do I use loctite or anything for the flywheel to crank bolts?

Torque specifications for pressure plate to flywheel bolts?
Again, so I use loctite or anything here?

If you guys can think of anything else that might make the job easier, let me know! I'm a high school auto shop by trade, and have some good tools to work with and a nice overhead chain hoist. I'm hoping to get it all done in 5-6 hours. Thanks in advance everyone!

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Re: Clutch Replacetment Pointers

Postby minmonSprites » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:35 pm

I don't have a comment on the torque settings and loctite. I would like to say that you should focus less on how long it takes and more on getting it done right. I have learned this on my Sprite clutch.

Also, replace the bushing in the end of the crank, fork bush and bolt and all three pieces of the clutch. It would be a drag to have to take it out again in 6 months or a year :-(
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Re: Clutch Replacetment Pointers

Postby 68sprite » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:53 pm

I use 35-40 ft lbs on bolts for flywheel to crank
22-25 ft lbs on clutch cover-these torque values I got from official Austin Healey shop manual that I have
I would use any threadlock (loctite) that you like
see if you can purchase a plastic imput spline tool -if you dont already have one
I replace clutch release bearing on every clutch job
pilot bushing-replace

I also take my fasteners to a specialty fastener biz and buy grade 8 bolts-only because I dont trust 50 yr old fasteners in critical applications-cheers and good luck
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