What parts to keep?

If you've found a part that fits your Spridget (but that many not be "original") please let everyone know in this forum.

What parts to keep?

Postby 66 Sprite » Thu Aug 19, 2004 10:36 pm

So, I'm doing a 66 sprite (my first, sniff, sniff, tear), anywho, I have stripped my parts car of everything that I know needs replaceing, but I'm wondering what I should keep and what I should sell off, give away, etc.
I imagine that I will need some replacement parts down the way, but I don't know what has the best chance of going bad on me.
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Postby dan » Fri Aug 20, 2004 8:55 am

Boy, is this going to be an interesting thread...

Of course the flippant (and perhaps wise) answer is to save everything. However, that's often not practical...(and having said that, I KNOW we've all got stashes of parts laying around. :)

So, my list:

1) Trim bits - anything small. Much of this can be purchased, but some cannot. Things like badges, chrome trim, grilles, headlamp trim rings, aluminum cockpit surrounds, etc.

2) Electrical - Lucas stuff is good to keep (small and easily stored). Certainly instruments, switches, etc.

3) Front disc brakes - if you have a spare set, save everything from the A-arm out. Folks (like me) are looking to buy these to convert Bugeyes from front drums to discs (hint, hint--PM me if you're interested in selling these parts :) )

4) Rear axle (if you have room). If not, certainly save the gear cluster, and especially the half-shafts (which tend to break).

5) Windshield (complex curve makes replacement expensive--wish the movers hadn't broken my spare :( )

Less critical, but still worth saving (if you have the space):

1) Body panels (rust free) - always worth saving

2) Major mechanicals - engine, gearbox. However, the engines are plentiful (but never hurts to have a good "core") and gearboxes are rapidly becoming worthless (as folks are putting in Rivergate conversions, leaving the smoothcase/ribcase trannys for the concours crowd).

3) Interior - seats, trim panels - likely to be replaced in most restorations, but worth saving for patterns.

4) Steering rack

5) Radiator

6) Generator/Starter (if you have a "tach drive" generator, that goes in the "must save" category (along with the little tach-drive gearbox), but you mentioned a '66 so I believe you have an electrical tach)

7) Wheels/Rims (especially if you have Bugeye wheels--the ones with "holes" around the circumference)

Anyone else? Anything important that I've forgotten?

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Postby spritenut » Sat Aug 21, 2004 9:12 pm

What Dan said but when I strip out a Sprite, I keep the whole front end, just unbolt it from the frame and keep it all intact.
Dash, complete with gauges, switches, and cables.
Engine, trans, rear axle or at least the diff and axle shafts.
Drive shaft, it's a good idea to put in a couple new U joints now and then you know it's a good spare later.
Keep a coffee can full of nuts and bolts.
Save the harness even if it's in bad shape, you never know when you need just 1 wire.
If it's available in the catalogs for a reasonable price, ask if it's worth keeping in it's used state, if not, pass it along or toss it out.
NEVER save rubber brake hoses, throw them out if they are 10 years old.
Calipers are always good to save and rebuild so you have a good spare set ready to go when you need them. Wheel cyls are cheap enough to buy new. Master cylinders are unobtainable so save it.

Body panels....Even the rear 1/4s, you may never need them but somebody does. Cut them off with a sawzall or grinder with a cut off wheel. Rusted out fenders can be patched. The body tub may be worth something to a racer.

Store the parts up in the rafters, lay the bonnet down and stack everything else on it.
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Re: What parts to keep?

Postby 68sprite » Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:35 pm

If you have the room to store the parts save everything-I just restored a 68 sprite and I throw nothing away-mainly because I am appalled at the cost of replacing parts-these cars are getting harder and harder to find in reasonable condition! I just did a full on restoration and there is always someone that needs something and at least you will have trade bait! Fortunately I have a huge shop/garage with lots of storage space. Thre are at least 5 diff generator/starter combinations that are interchangeable between years that I need parts for. Because I am a stickler for originality and having the correct parts,everytime something disappears it winds up costing me double to replace without a core to offer retailers-SOS! (save old stuff)!
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