double braking problems - solution

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double braking problems - solution

Postby Ragnars-Frogeye » Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:17 pm

Hallo double brakers,
This is mostly for the drum brakes!
It took me quite a long time to get it right. But now I fixed the problem.
Some of you have had the same problem. You had to brake twice to get the rear brakes braking.
Some of you said the new brake linings are thinner then the old owns. Some welded shims under the micram adjuster.
There's no need for all this. Just get the right micram adjuster for the rear axle. They are different to the pieces in the front brakes.
The masks are all the same, but the adjusters for the rear break have a greater radius or bend(?).
So if all parts of your brakes work properly with new linigs and don't with used linigs you may have the wrong adjusters in the rear brakes.
I got two new ones (new old stock) and there package was one from British Leyland and the other one from Lockheed.
The numbers are AAA423 (BL) and 24472 (Lockheed).
Greetings from Germany

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