Dunlop 4.50 M 13

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Dunlop 4.50 M 13

Postby Mark T Boldry » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:20 pm

A bit of a strange request but when I attended UK and European race meetings in the past, I was able to obtain from the Dunlop guys..

I'm looking for a set of (or a few more) Dunlop 4.50 M x 13 CR 65 tyres. These ideally will be last seasons tyres that you don't need any more but still have an amount of tread visible. I hope to have some personal items being sent over from the UK to Australia very soon and these would hopefully join them...

As I said before, the guys on the Dunlop truck at UK race meetings would just allow me to 'help myself' to whatever there was in the 'scrap' pile.. These would be tyres that have been taken off their clients rims to be disposed of... These tyres served me well for track days and fun times on the circuits but would never be good enough for competitive driving. I would like a set on my Sprite for an authentic look at events etc...

Any offers of assistance will be great fully received...

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Re: Dunlop 4.50 M 13

Postby ezanner » Wed May 09, 2012 2:53 pm

Mark - most tire suppliers stateside will let you help yourself to the discard pile at the racetrack, saves them form lugging 'em home and paying to discard. The challenge you'll have is finding Dunlops. Given the exchange rate Dunlops are rather pricey. I would venture to say most Mg Midgets are on Hoosiers. Try 'em - they are not a bad tire or "tyre" as you say.
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