Abrasive blasting

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Abrasive blasting

Postby Hey Mikey ! » Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:14 pm

Hello all--this is my 1st restoration. My MKIII Sprite has layers of crud--dirt and oil, also an exhaust leak in the engine bay giving all the crud a nice layer of soot. Good news is a well preserved body underneath ! I wanted to know if anyone out there has used abrasive/sand blasters. Having parental duties, I don't think I will finish the car before I retire at this rate. I would like to know what equipment you folks are using/best set up for a compressor, etc. Most requirements are for use with a 2HP compressor. I only have a 3/4HP--15 gal tank compressor. Anyone know if I can get a blaster kit to work with this?
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Postby HAN5L778 » Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:07 pm

You can probably use a blaster with your compressor, but it will take a long time and there will be a lot of waiting while the compressor builds up pressure between short bursts of the blaster. Plus, any sandblaster will not cut through the built-up gunk/oil/grease/dirt/undercoating that might be on the car. I know because I'm almost finished stripping all that of my car before I can move on to cleaning and fixing rust, etc.. I used a propane torch to warm it up a bit to soften the stuff then scraped the majority off with a putty knife. Then I washed it with mineral spirits to clean it down to bare metal. Yep, it was very messy. But the frame and underbody are clean. Hardest part - inside the trans tunnel.
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Postby spritenut » Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:40 pm

It's always a great feeling to do it yourself but for the cost of a decent compressor, you can have a shop media blast the whole car inside, outside, underside, etc. My shop charges $125 per hour, it takes them 4 hours.
So for $500, I got back a clean, bare metal Sprite. Ok so the trunk floor never made it back with the car nor did some other major parts but that was one of the reasons I had it blasted. They use low pressure, a big nozzle, and plastic pellets. No metal warping.
I have sand blasted parts of a car out in the driveway, it makes a major mess.
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