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Restored Bugeye Hardtop w/ Rally Car Vent

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:09 pm
by sg18438
Restored "Bugeye" hardtop that fits all '58-'61 Bugeyes. The top has all new rubber including the rear window gasket and new front polished stainless mounting brackets. An aluminum two-way(intake air and vent modes) Rally Car Roof Vent was installed (Bugeye's with hardtops and side curtains get pretty warm inside on a hot day).The fiberglass base was restored and painted black( base/clear). The top does not have a headliner but the proper material for a "glue-on" headliner is included in this deal. I'll also include some special rear hold-down brackets designed to more easily/securely hold the rear of the hardtop in place than the conventional hardware. The top is in excellent condition except for some scratches on the top rear of the hardtop.

I've used this top for a couple of years and was very satisfied; however, I recently was able to find an Ashley MK1 hardtop for my Sprite and this top is now available. The top is located in Northeast Pennsylvania about 30 miles east of Scranton, PA and about 100 miles west of the NY/NJ metropolitan area. Local pickup would be best, special shipping or pickup arrangements can be made.

Top is sold "as is" without warranty.
Asking $849.00