Very Nice HS2 Rebuilt Carbs

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Very Nice HS2 Rebuilt Carbs

Postby trevor » Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:56 pm

For Sale: HS2 carburetors for an AH Sprite/MG Midget including manifold/heatshield/linkage/fuel line.
These carbs have been cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt.

Pictures here: ... 0829893553

Here is the story:
These carbs were sitting in the bin of spare parts so I decided to sell them to make a little money for some parts that I DO need. My initial plan was to clean them up and take a few pictures and stick them on Ebay. After I cleaned the grease off of them I decided to go ahead and free up all the moving parts while I was at it. Since I had the carb cleaner out I decided to clean out the float bowls. Since I already had the float bowls off I decided to go ahead and give the whole thing a deep cleaning. To make a long story short: shipwright's disease took hold of me and the carbs ended up with a full rebuild and much more.
Here is what has been done to them:
Cleaned and lightly polished the carb bodies and float bowls. (makes future cleaning easier)
Fully polished the dashpots.
Checked drop rate of pistons and found them to be nearly identical.
Stipped the rust and plating from the linkage and assorted hardware.
Replated the linkage and hardware with nickle/cobalt.
Installed stainless steel hardware for the linkage clamp screws.
The hose clamps are also stainless steel.
Replaced the throttle shafts and discs and jets and gaskets.
Manifold was beadblasted and cleaned.
Heatshield was stripped and repainted (unfortunately it did have a crack but it has been welded)
Everything has been reassembled as shown in the pictures including new return springs.
Most shops charge $425-500 just to rebuild a set of these carbs, and that wouldn't include replating parts or shipping. I'm going to SELL these carbs (including manifold/heatshield/phenolic spacers/fuel hose/ return springs) for the low price of $495+shipping. They look great and should continue to look great with minimal effort. All the action of the linkage is smooth and should provide worry free operation after the initial tuning. I'll ship them preset so that they should start up with minimal effort.
If you would like to buy just the carbs and linkage, then I'll sell those for $460.
You can email me at if you are interested.
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