Pre-eBay listing parts sale

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Pre-eBay listing parts sale

Postby whitephrog » Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:30 pm

In about a month I intend to list the following items on eBay. If interested in anything prior to that, email me at Photos available.


Ball housing - female ACA5304 New BMC NOS
Battery cable - positive ground 1B2802 New VB 10-332
Bolt - Bonnet Stay 14A4705 Very good OEM
Bolts-bonnet stay 14A4705 Very good OEM
Bracket-coil to dynamo AEC496 Excellent AH 100-4 thru BJ8
Bracket-mounting-coil to body Restored
Bracket-shock absorber link- LH AHA7173 New 1098 and 1275cc
Bulb holder 37H5528 Excellent
Bumper (rubber) 2A7142 New
Bush-spring HRA076 New Victoria British 18-204
Cable - starter switch AHA6202 Restored
Cable - tachometer 2A9108 Excellent Black
Cable-solenoid to battery BCA4758 Very good
Cable-solenoid to battery BHA5062 New Negative earth
Check straps 3A3220 New Heritage Trim, Black
Cleaner-air 2A848/9 New Minor manufacturing damage
Clip-spring to frame AHA5221 Restored (2) Glossy black
Control Box 3H1835 Excellent Lucas RB 106
Coupling starter cable 3H950 Very good
Distance piece-bush to top link AHA5224 Excellent
Flange-yoke-propshaft 17H3828 Restored
Fuse box 1G2613 Excellent Lucas SF6
Gauge -fuel 2A9069 Excellent Smiths
Gauge-dual BHA4383 Very good Smiths GD1501/12 Sprite MkII, Midget Mk I
Gauge-dual BHA4217 Good Jaeger GD1501/10 Midget MkI 948cc, drum brakes
Grommet-tachometer cable 3H822 New Moss Europe
Handle assembly-handbrake 7H5944 Good Correct for Bugeye
Handle-grab 14A1729 Very good
Hinge-bonnet 14A4684 Restored
Hinge-door 14A4677 Restored
Horn-push-brush 2A6162 Excellent
Housing - thermostat AEA306 Restored OEM
Knob-gear lever 22G1755 Excellent 1500cc 1975-1979
Knob-starter cable New
Knob-wooden-gear lever GAC4130 Like new
Lamp - number plate 3H183 Very good OEM missing front nut
Lamp holder-rear-rubber 7H5182 New AH Spares (2) for Lucas 594 lens
Lamp-turn signal indicator 27H5596 Excellent Complete w/new bulb holder
Lamp-turn signal indicator 27H5597 Very good Cover and window only
Leaf assembly (rear springs) 2A7309 Restored (2) Glossy black
Link-top (radius arm) 2A7310 Restored (2) Glossy black
Lock mechanism-door AHA5455/6 Restored
Master cylinder kit 8G8224 New BMLC NOS
Oil hose-braided-stainless steel Excellent
Plinth-license plate lamp 14A4615 Excellent
Ratio Box - cable to dynamo 2A9105 Excellent
Sending unit-fuel 2A404 Excellent Smiths 5300/32
Sleeve-yoke-propshaft 7H3894 Restored
Speedometer 2A9067 Excellent Smiths SN 6155/10
Steering column bracket 2A6132/33 Very good
Strap-rebound AHH5081 New AH Spares (2)
Switch - Panel Light 3H3100 Very good OEM (2)
Switch - starter 3H949 Very good OEM
Switch - windscreen wiper 3H3095 Very good Lucas 54033230 with original "W" knob
Tachometer 2A9068 Excellent Smiths RN 2351/02
Tap - water control 88G588 Excellent 1968-1974 Spridget
Vinyl-dash face New Heritage Trim, Black
Washer bottle bracket 27H9657 Restored
Water pump repair kit New Quinton Hazell QCP3709P VB PN 2-130
Water pump repair kit New Quinton-Brivec QW3 WK93
Wheel cylinder - rear New Quinton Hazell BWC3419 (2)
Wheel cylinder -front New Lockheed 35001 (2)
Windscreen seal AHA5322 New Moss PN 680-875 VB PN 9-7363
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