More Bugeyes for sale

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More Bugeyes for sale

Postby HAN5L778 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:42 am

I have 2 Bugeye Sprites for sale. These are different car from the other Bugeye for sale post I listed. Both of these cars need full restoration, but they have little rust on them. One has the floor pans rusted through, but otherwise these are clean cars. One car has a square hole cut in the bonnet(I have no idea why this was done) and an aftermarket trunklid installed in the rear deck. One has a drivetrain in it, the other one has a drivetrain available, but not installed. The windshields are good in both cars. What I don't have are soft parts, seats, interior panels, carpet, etc. The cars are located near Chelsea, Michigan, about 60 miles west of Detroit. Both will need to be trailered. $2,000 for either car, or $3,500 for both. Email me at: for pictures.
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