I looking forward to "50yrs of Midgets - Spridget Event"

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I looking forward to "50yrs of Midgets - Spridget Event"

Postby trevor » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:33 pm

"50 Years of Midgets - A Spridget Event!!

July 18-22, 2011

In 2008 I was unable to attend the 50yr sprite jubilee in PA. So I opted to attend the event at Lake of the Ozarks. I honestly did not know what to expect from this event, but I figured that I would at least get to put a few faces with names of people I had met over the internet. It turns out that the event had a whole lot more to offer.

I had attend several large car events. For example MG2006, it was a good event with a nice venue, but with so many different types of MG's I had a little trouble meeting up with midget people. Many of the displays and tech sessions didn't seem very relevant. Another example is a regional Healey event I attended. It had similar problems as the MG event, but further complicating issues was the number of rather lethargic Big Healey owners. I'm not saying all Big Healey owners are lethargic, but there were a fair number at this particular event that weren't much interested in driving their cars, and really had no interest in anything that wasn't directly related to their car.

So when I went to the Lake of the Ozarks(LotO) event, I really did not know what to expect. I was very surprised and impressed. It was far from a polished event. It had its fair share of glitches, but those glitches showed the nature of most spridget owners. In general, we are a group of problem solvers that like a little adversity and can appreciate quirkiness. There are also a fair number of use that can laugh at ourselves.

The common bond of these spridgets is rather unique. At the LotO event there were perpetual tech sessions. Fuel pumps were replaced, carbs were tuned, suspension bushings were replaced, timing was adjusted, etc. Yet none of this was on the agenda. These were all things occurring in the parking lots out of necessity, courtesy, or curiosity. There was never a shortage of help and gawkers always felt welcomed. There were also spontaneous driving tours where groups of people decided to take advantage of breaks in the weather. The unplanned portion of the event was the icing on the cake.

The planned events at LotO were great as well. The gymkana had was a light hearted competition. There was no one out there badgering the judges. People were having fun and the spectators had a great view. The autocross had a similar feel, though people seemed to be taking it a little more serious. But since it was not sanctioned by any organization there was no stress. There were also events that i had not seen at any other car meet (such as "start the spridget competition"). Evening tech session were directly related to the cars we all drive, and the talk at the bar always came back around to our beloved LBC.

It was a very unpretentious setting were all makes and variation of spridgets/owners were welcomed. I'm looking forward to this years event in hopes that it recaptures some of the magic. I've made my hotel reservations, filled out my registration including the Road America Track Tour, the Autocross, Popular choice car show, and of course... the awards banquet.

This may be the last all inclusive spridget event for some time. I'm not going to miss it, and I'd like to see as many of you there as possible.

Information Here: http://sprite-midgetclub.org/index.php? ... Itemid=126
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