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Interior Finished!

Postby Glen » Sun Sep 03, 2006 12:11 am

Hello everyone. I've finished my interior project and posted more images to my SpriteSpot photo album:

I was able to put in the last of the vinyl trim panels and install the underseat carpets fairly quickly. The carpet was not glued down; neither was the original. I found that the combination of the seat tracks, sill trim panels, and tunnel carpet was more than sufficient to hold the carpets down. Both were put down first, then the seat track mounting holes poked in with an awl coming up from under the car. The holes were then trimmed out with an X-acto knife. The driver's side carpet also needs a small slit for the seatbelt sensor wire.

It helps to have two people to install the seat. My wife held the seat (they're not heavy), while I held the tracks in place and guided the seat down to the mounting holes and finger tightened the the nuts and bolts.

The convertible top was the last thing to go back on. My wife and I each held one end and guided the bolts into the holes. The bolts are pointed and will self-guide into the free floating threaded mount in the bodywork. I finger tightened the bolts first, then used a socket wrench to tighten them down. Each bolt (three per side) was tightened down a little at a time so I wouldn't warp the bodywork. I cleaned the vinyl and framework, then lubed the hinge points after installation. I gave the car a well-deserved bath and a final interior cleaning and took it out for its first run in a month and a half. It was great.

Some points to note: all of the interior parts were purchased from Moss. Everything was in stock, arrived quickly, and was undamaged. Only the wrong vinyl trim panel for the driver's footwell through me off schedule (not that I was really on one). NONE of the kits, interior trim, seat skins, or carpet include any kind of parts list, layout, or instructions. My impression is that these kits are purchased by the consumer, then handed over to an auto interior specialist for installation. I used my Haynes manual, the Moss catalog and Tech Services, and the internet to figure out what to do. I also found out, as usual, that reading is one thing; doing is another.

I had to purchase some extra tools (small thin wrenches/spanners and a staple gun, for example) and other supplies to complete the task. I also found out this was not just a simple 'take out the old, put in the new' project. When I removed things, I found other things. Things that needed repair. Things that needed cleaning. Things that needed painting. Et cetera... It didn't help that I didn't have a clue at the beginning of what I was doing. Older and wiser now. I also picked a time of record heat here in the DFW area. Ok, maybe not so much wiser... A garage temp of 105 plus deg F will slow you down. Trust me.

I hope you all enjoyed the commentary and pics.


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Glens 77 Midget Photo Album/Interior Redo

Postby TimothyMit » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:25 pm

Looks good I want to redo the leather seats in my Tahoe, and just like the Mirage, there is no kit that looks like the OEM seat covers. I am considering the same method as used here, the old seat covers used as a pattern.
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