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In car video of a twisty road

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:35 am
by trevor
I filmed several hours of footage driving around the smokie mountains during MG2006. I never really drove too hard because the car had to get me back home. However, it was fun and I think my suspension setup is about where I want it (for now). It has just a slight bit of oversteer, but does not kick the back out nearly as quick as it used to. A fellow driving a spitfire was bragging about how "you can't make the tail of my spitfire break loose". Which was basically true, but he couldn't get it around a corner either... it would just plow into it. We drove some roads together, but it was too aggravating to stop and let his brakes cool every 20 minutes. He really warmed them up because he had to slow so much for each corner.
He was behind me for part of this video.