Who made this one?

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Who made this one?

Postby Talonaer » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:02 am

In process of rebuilding a mk1 sprite thats been hidden away in my grandfathers barn for 30 years (build log to come) and finally got the hard top out the other day...to realise its far from standard.

My research makes me believe it MIGHT be related to the Pride and Clarke hardtops: has the same window as the "Dan Dare", same fastening with a drop bar (just one hoop not 2 as on the later midget version), etc but I cannot find any pictures or anyone that has seen a hardtop for a mk1 (apart from the Dan Dare) produced by Peel and Clarke.

Anyone got any information? Currently chasing the car through the club it belonged to along time ago but no response of yet.

Pictures at Britishcarforum (as this forum won't automatically resize them so they are HUGE!)
http://www.britishcarforum.com/bcforum/ ... Post821788

Pride and Clarke tops:
http://www.british-cars.org/mg-midget-s ... 479486.htm
http://www.british-cars.org/mg-midget-s ... 077909.htm <- Very simular
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