Rust repair Questions

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Rust repair Questions

Postby David Reed » Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:59 pm

Hey I have some questions on my body work. As of now I have the body stripped down to just the tub and am currently doing bodywork!!! :( When I'm done however I currently have the Frontline Front Suspension and am going to upgrade the car to the t9 5speed anyways has anyone ever reskinned thier doors is it hard. also does anyone have any idea how big the rear apron from moss is does it go all the way to the existing seams and up to the cockpit. I was also curious does anyone have any idea as to how easy it is to reskin the hood, the previous owner destroyed it with a torch trying to get off the body filler, I was thinking of cutting it out piece by piece and then welding in repair pieces from sheet metal has anyone ever done this also I was thinking of maybe stripping the skin completely and putting on a fiberglass one and was wondering if anybody knew if that would work. Thanks for all the help and I love the site It just works.
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Re: Rust repair Questions

Postby Bugzy59 » Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:35 pm

I have never heard of anyone reskinning doors. Doors are available since they share the doors with the Mark II and Midget I.
There are some photos on this site of extensive bodywork.
Bonnets also show up on ebay - may be easier that rebuilding one. ... ite&page=2

Here is where Craig Cootsona welded his bonnet.
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