Electrical problems

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Electrical problems

Postby Bubby0962 » Wed May 15, 2013 9:53 pm

Just tried to start my bugeye today. New wire harness, electric radiator fan, electric tacho, electric fuel pump. First try I noticed a green wire soldered to the housing on the wiper motor smoking. I disconnected it. Next try saw smoke coming from the area of the combo switch. No burnt wires anywhere. Before the 2nd try,the fuel pump and tach were working fine,now nothing. I removed the switch and nothing burnt visibly. Any thoughts? It is a negative ground car. I had run ground wires to all the switches and guages, as I have installed a wooden dash.
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Re: Electrical problems

Postby hoggie » Wed May 15, 2013 11:52 pm

While your trying to figure this out you might want to add a 10amp inline fuse to your battery cable to protect your wiring harness. I think 10 amps will handle everything but your heater fan, radiator fan, horn, starter, and head lamps. You can also remove a battery cable and place a voltmeter between the battery and the cable to look for any continuity when all switches are off. If you see voltage, then start unplugging connectors until you find the source. A modern radio will still pull a little current when off, but otherwise there should be no current flow with the ignition and all switches off.
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