Headlight choices

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Headlight choices

Postby KenR » Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:25 pm

Looking for recommendations for headlights. Building a nice Bugeye and need to acquire some headlights. Local auto store has old style sealed beam lights at $4.95 each, not really a consideration for me, other British places have Crystal/Diamond clear for around $28 each, and up to the Lucas PL700 reproductions which are way to expensive for me. Has anyone looked into Hella, Cibie and others that are known for good optics and a price on this side of being crazy? PM response would be great. Thanks,
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Re: Headlight choices

Postby MikeWood » Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:36 pm

Wipac Quadoptic halogen lights are good value 7'' lenses and will take a normal modern H4 bulb. Chuck away those sealed beams. You can get replacement plastic headlamp bowls too.

See: http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/V ... dlamps.php

I know this is probably too much hassle, but you may want to turn the car negative earth and put an alternator on it at the same time, in attempt to partially leave Lucas's dark kingdom ...

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Re: Headlight choices

Postby spritenut » Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:49 pm

I am running $10 sealed beam halogens in 1 Sprite and Lucas H4s in another and Some other brand H4s in a 3rd Sprite.
All are much better than the original stock sealed beam. But the store bought sealed halogens seam to put out the most light in low beam.
The H4s are great but only on high beam.
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