Rear Oil Seal?

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Rear Oil Seal?

Postby Pubcrawler » Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:07 am

I'm new to Sprite cars so need to ask the following question.
If I park my Sprite (MkIV) on an upward facing incline after a run I get oil dripping underneath from the end of the tunnel close to the diff. Have tried to look towards the rear of the gearbox and I think the oil is leaking from the rear oil seal. I topped up the gearbox oil yesterday (20/50) with about an egg cup full, this is after about 1,000 miles. Is this a common problem, is it worth worrying about and I presume engine and gearbox have to be removed to replace the oil seal?
Any thoughts,
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Re: Rear Oil Seal?

Postby hoggie » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:18 pm

Those rear transmission oil seals are common to leak after many years.
As long as you keep the transmission oil topped up, the only problem is the oil mess.
You might try a oil leak sealer and hope that it might swell up the seal to slow or stop the leak. But from my experience you just have to bite the bullet and replace the seal.

You have to pull the engine and transmission to replace. The seal slips over the end of the transmission and crimps over the end of the transmission case. Not a problem to replace with the transmission out. Just be sure to polish up the head piece of the drive shaft before you reinstall.
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