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Starved for fuel@

Postby Anonymous » Tue Mar 27, 2007 5:08 am

I just installed a new electric fuel pump yet my 1500 still starves for fuel?
I also installed a clear fuel fiter so I could see what is going on. When running hard in 3rd or 4th gear around 3500rpm the 1500 starts to sputter like she is running out of fuel. I shut her off and inspect the clear filter up by the carb and sure enough......its empty! I turn the key on an the pump fills up the filter and off we go. New tank, filters, pump and lines! Is there anyway the Stromberg carb could be putting back pressure on the system? Do I need a heat shield for the carb? Is fuel boiling in the bowl and pushing air back towards the filter? I tried running with the fuel cap off so I know the tank is venting. Help!!!!!

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