Spammers & Passwords

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Spammers & Passwords

Postby admin » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:42 am

Hi all--

Well, we're under spam attack again, and (worse) password theft...

First many of you have sent me emails that there are "spam" posts (thank you)--if you notice any, please PM me with the username of the spammer. I can then delete the user, along with all the associated posts. That won't necessarily keep them from happening again, but we can keep them at bay.

Second--we have had a few users who have had people trying to steal their passwords. If you log in and get a message that you've exceeded the number of log-in attempts, and have to type the numbers & letters in the box (the "captcha") then someone has been trying to steal your pw (typically by trying to guess it).

My best advice is to be sure you have a "strong" password--and here's my best tip for doing that and having an "easy to remember" pw:

a) Take your favorite song (let's say it's "Row your boat")
b) Use the first letter of each word as your PW root (so it's "Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream" and that would be RRRYBGDTS)
c) That's usually sufficient--but to be even stronger you can append that PW with the current month (and change your pw every month) -- so that'd be RRRYBGDTS3 for "March"

You can (of course) come up with your own song and your own variant (maybe append with the number of Sprites you own, followed by the number that aren't running :D so RRRYBGDTS16 or so for me :D )

But by using a song or phrase you can end up with a PW that's VERY hard to guess...

FINALLY--if you do find your account has been stolen, send me an email ( and I can get in and reset your pw...we have NOT had that happen yet, but wanted to get the word out.

And thanks (as always) for supporting SpriteSpot
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