***Registration Instructions (walkthrough) for new users***

This forum has general announcements for users of SpriteSpot.com and its forums (includes quick instructions and a walk-through for new user registration).

***Registration Instructions (walkthrough) for new users***

Postby admin » Tue May 25, 2004 7:16 pm

Click on the link that says "register" located in the top of the page (to the right of the logo).

You'll be presented with a screen asking you to read and comply with the forum's rules (and confirming you're over 13 years of age).

You'll then move to a screen where you need to select a username (a "handle" as they used to say in the CB Radio days). You can use your real name, or more commonly folks will select something "catchy" (like "Sprite Guy" or "Car Nut").

You'll need to include a real email (as a membership confirmation will be sent to the address you provide) and you'll need a password.

The next section (Profile Information) is entirely optional. You can leave everything blank, or fill in the information if you'd like it to be available to other users (many people like using instant messaging, for example, and want other SpriteSpot members to be able to contact them). Again, this is entirely up to you.

The last section (Preferences) allows you to modify some of the ways the SpriteSpot forums will interact with you. Each of the options will be briefly described below (more info can be found in the FAQ).

Note: it's entirely acceptable to simply accept the defaults (you can always return and change the information later).

Finally, I've included an indication of what is the default choice, and what I'd recommend as the setting for most users.


Always show my email address: (Default = No; Recommend = No) This option shows your email in association with your posts. This can be handy if other users need to contact you, but most people choose to leave this turned off.

Hide your online status: (Default = No; Recommend = No) This option lets other folks know when you're active on the forum (they'll see your username (not your email)). It's a nice way to track if your SpriteSpot friends are online (and yes, you'll likely be making many new friends here).

Always notify me of replies: (Default = No; Recommend = Yes) This is a very handy option--when someone replies to a question (or "post") that you've made, you'll be notified via email. This effectively lets SpriteSpot track the activity of the forums and the topics of interest to you. The drawback is that you may end up receiving a fair number of emails (some users therefore choose to set this option to "No). I personally like having this option turned on.

Notify on new Private Message: (Default = Yes; Recommend = Yes) This option lets you know when someone has sent you a private message (it'll display on the screen when you log in). This is a handy feature, as it lets other users contact you using SpriteSpot, without having to give out your email.

Always attach my signature: (Default = Yes; Recommend = Yes) This option functions exactly like a signature for an email system. While it is nice to have a "tag line" as a signature, remember it's good etiquette to keep it simple (and brief).

Always allow BBCode: (Default = Yes; Recommend = Yes) BBCode is a way to enhance the appearance of your posts. It allows the limited use of text formatting (bold, italics, etc.) More information is found in the FAQ, but most users prefer to leave this option turned on.

Always allow HTML: (Default = No; Recommend = No) HTML allows even more flexibiltiy than BBCode for users to change the appearance of their posts. While it can come in handy, some individuals choose to overdo it. Most users are quite satisfied with the formatting available with BBCode and choose to turn off the HTML feature.

Always enable smileys: (Default = Yes; Recommend = Yes) Smileys are the little faces (like this :) ) that you often see in emails and on the Internet. Besides being somewhat ornamental, these do function to help convey your intended message along with your typed words, and are especially handy if you're trying to be a bit "tongue in cheek" or sarcastic. (As a general rule, it's good to remember that people can often misinterpret your prose when compared to a speaking dialog, as there are no voice inflections--be careful as you post!)

Board Language: (Default = English; Recommend = English) This is pretty self-explanatory.

Board Style: (Default = subSilver; Recommend = subSilver) This refers to the "look" of the board (sometimes called a "skin" in Internet jargon). While we may change the Board Style at some point in the future, for now, we recommend you accept the default.

Timezone: (Default = GMT - 5 hours; Recommend = set as appropriate to your time zone) This should also be straightforward (assuming you know that GMT is Greenwich Mean Time and that GMT - 5 hours is Eastern Standard Time). Therefore (for example), if you're in EST leave it as is, if you're in California (and on Pacific Standard Time or PST) you'd set it to GMT - 8.

Date Format: (Default = D M d, Y g:i a; Recommend = D M d, Y g:i a) This describes how SpriteSpot will display dates and times for you. If you live in another country, you may wish to change this, but for most users you can simply accept the defaults. If you're interested, more information is available in the FAQ.


That's it! Again, all you really need to do is select an appropriate user name, password, and enter a valid email address. You can then accept all the defaults, and click "Submit".

Then, watch in your email for a message from SpriteSpot (with the subject "Welcome to SpriteSpot.com Forums Forums"). Inside you'll find a link you can click on (or paste into your browser) to complete the registration process.

A final note--some email systems have their security settings turned up high enough that SpriteSpot emails may end up in a "bulk mail" folder--you'll want to check your setting and either allow SpriteSpot email to come through, or keep an eye out in the bulk mail folder.

Please feel free to contact us if at info@spritespot.com if you have any questions!

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