NEW USERS! Yahoo/Hotmail users PLEASE READ!

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NEW USERS! Yahoo/Hotmail users PLEASE READ!

Postby admin » Mon Sep 06, 2004 10:35 pm

If you use Yahoo (and perhaps other public services such as Hotmail) as your email for SpriteSpot, you may run into the issue of having your SpriteSpot email sent to your "Bulk" mail folder by Yahoo or Hotmail.

This is especially important for new users, who need to receive the "confirmation" email to validate their account.


1) If you haven't received your validation email, please contact me directly ( and I can activate your account manually.

2) You may want to create a custom "filter" to try and receive your SpriteSpot email. To do this on Yahoo follow these steps (the process is similar for other services like Hotmail):

a) Log on to your Yahoo account
b) Create a new folder (click the "add" link in the folders sidebar, enter a name for the new folder ("SpriteSpot" might be a good one :) ) and click "ok"
c) Click on the "Mail Options" link on the top left
d) Click on the "Filters" link
e) Click the "add" link
f) Type a filter name ("SpriteSpot" would be good)
g) For the rules, only fill out the "From Header" rule. It should read:

From header: contains spritespot (leave the "match case" box unchecked)

h) "Then" should read:

Move the message to SpriteSpot (or whatever you named the folder).

i) Click the "Add Filter" button
j) Click the up arrow until the SpriteSpot rule is positioned properly for your system (if you haven't created any filters before, it should be in position #1)

That's it. You're now set to receive any SpriteSpot emails. Any email you receive from us should be automatically moved into your special "SpriteSpot" folder where you can read it and respond.

Hope this helps. Please send me an email if you have any questions or any other issues.

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